Leverage real-time data to stop leaving money on the table every day


Continuous Improvement‚Äč

Data-driven insights to continuously drive shop floor utilisation by improving the process, communication, capacity and training.


Leverage data to focus on low hanging opportunity
Respond to opportunity for improvement in real-time as they happen
Simple visual charts for business owners to focus on 1% at the time to drive business forward
Improve margins by identifying trends and reasoning for overtime costs
Compare downtime trends by work centre as well as downtime reasoning
Reduce delays in jobs to improve customer costs and charges and address duplication of work
Scheduled deliveries with real-time communications


Easy-to-use tool for business owners to drive the utilisation to improve the margin
Quickly identify the process or training issue by reviewing objective data that provides enhanced visibility of micro issues
Compare operator and team's performance against each other to improve overall utilisation
Assign clear ownership to TLs and supervisors to improve the performance of their work centres and teams

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