Manual process results in a lack of precise utilisation data

Taking the guess work out of shop floor utilisation

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Utilisation Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of your machine utilisation and downtime using objective data.


Simple technology designed for everyday business owners. Sets up in minutes
Automatically collects machine utilisation data
Operator interface to capture downtime data
Capture machining and labour hours against each job to use for quotation/estimation
Digital communication between machinists and TLs to reduce run around for improved Health & Safety
Actionable analytics on monitoring and minimising downtime to increase productivity


Gain real-time visibility of machine utilisation and downtime data
Address machine downtime as they happen
Reduce walk around by implementing digital communication channels
Use objective data to make the decision
Gain visibility of your business from anywhere using a mobile app

Condition Monitoring
(Optional Add-On)

Predictive maintenance through anomaly detection of deterioration in the machine health.



Leverage IIoT technology to monitor your machines and receive proactive alerts when your machine’s condition is getting deteriorated
Receive notification via email and on your mobile phone to avoid costly breakdowns
Shift from traditional breakdown or periodic maintenance routine to data-driven preventive maintenance and avoid downtime